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nautical custom kit

We provide our customers the ability to customize all the nautical kit chosen.

Newport has the mission to provide textiles and accessories beautiful and timeless. Provides authentic American products for a lifestyle of high quality. At Newport, to be responsible is part of the way they live and work every day.

Marine Business was founded in 1985 in Barcelona and specializes in the design and marketing of nautical nautical accessories for the comfort on board for the table, kitchen, shower, bathroom and deck. All collections are conceived and designed thinking to make life on board as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

ARTIGA French textile brand of Basque tradition that since 1910 produces its frames fabrics by the meter, finished textiles, objects and accessories. The quality and the original models, as well as the passion of this family of weavers, make ARTIGA a unique brand.

technical clothing and not

MUSTO is a British company that deals with decades of experience in the production of clothing from both the technical and casual boat. All garments are finely crafted with great attention to details. Nothing should be left to chance and everything has to be made and produced in order to improve the living conditions of the sailors, as stated by Keith Musto, the founding father of the same company.

DIXIT is an international brand creative and dynamic young pret-a-porter rapidly expanding internationally.

LA BOTTEGA DI BRUNELLA Reality company proudly Made in Italy, where the entire production process is done in-house: from yarn to finished product. This is La Bottega di Brunella, where quality is the result of a long and established tradition of craftsmanship. Skill and enthusiasm realize creations Swimwear Positano natural colors and vibrant, using gauze, cotton and flax: fresh and light materials, which give the mind a warm and passionate beauty of the sea of the Amalfi Coast. The streamlined and efficient de La Bottega di Brunella guarantees a meticulous quality control of products, made by the expert hands of designers, technicians and model makers, able to develop ideas and emotions that refer to the tradition of the sweet life of the '60s, proposed again but always respecting the current trends. Textile fibers are transformed into precious yarns, with the help of professionals and advanced machinery, which guarantee robustness, elasticity and lightness of the materials and then a finished product by the excellent quality.

interior design

RIVIERA MAISON Dutch brand of furniture and furnishings that matches the style of the French countryside atmosphere with a touch of New England. All products are unique and created exclusively for Riviera Maison. Collections at times inspired by the past, however, retain the functionality of the need modern with attention paid to details.

with the brand Riviera Maison are also available the following products


Articles for fishing and boating

Olympus is a company that is now offering for many years in the world of sport fishing. Thanks to the wide range of products that can satisfy the needs of all anglers, even the most demanding, offers everyone the opportunity to practice this exciting sport both at sea and on inland waters. The design, innovation, attention to detail, the constant search for new materials and products, and the desire to be always "up to date" with the tastes of the fishermen are our strengths. In addition to presenting a very large catalog, full of pictures and descriptions of their products, we offer to all fishermen who purchase our products remarkable advantages: one among all the European warranty on all rods and fishing reels. In addition, we are very keen to "cure" our fishermen even after the purchase of our product. The assistance provided by the laboratories inside the company ensures the end user an excellent after-sales service to ensure rapid response times.


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