boat storage

The storage service is performed in a monitored area and fully fenced 3,000 m² outdoors and 3,500 m² indoors.
Immediately after the hauling, depending on the need, making cleaning operations certainly including the immediate water washing of the hull. It is then possible to ask the various maintenance work is that the hull of the engine, including the dock with antifouling.


The Marina with its decades of experience provides careening for the most varied types of boat and building materials

motor service

The workshop specializes in service and installation of marine engines.
Authorized Service Center for the Volvo Penta brand, we also service engine Honda Marine
We are also able to take care of the drawbacks to the electric boats.
We offer our services with the utmost care and using the best materials specific to their brands.


A new engine can offer a navigation more quiet, clean, fast, easy and pleasant at the same time increasing the value of the boat.
Simply indicating the type of boat, the hull and the desired performance we will provide more suitable alternatives for your boat.

hauling and launching

Thanks to our special trolleys and a travel lift with a lifting capacity up to 200 tons, we are capable of hauling and launching boats motor and sailing.
The operation of hauling can be made, either for technical assistance ordinary and extraordinary management of your vessel and for the subsequent storage.

sale of boats

Designing and implementing boats for those who love the sea with the knowledge of the sea who have lived for centuries.
This was, is and will be the cornerstone of the philosophy of Cantieri Navali Arturo Stabile, who joined the obsessive attention to detail, the quality materials, technological innovations, the wisdom of highly qualified personnel and a genuinely artisan workmanship, make that every vessel represents a masterpiece of aesthetics and quality, an ideal connubbio between form and function.
The raggiungemento of this excellent result is due to the skillful hands of Maurizio Stabile that with the cooperation of 'internationally renowned architect, Tommaso Spadolini, manage to get any idea of ​​not only a boat, but above all the realization of your dream.

electronic equipment

We offer advice for configuration and adjustment of electrical equipment on board, both government and navigation. The experience gained over the years working with major manufacturers of marine electronics and naval allowed us to develop a deep knowledge of the problems of the sector. We deal with service and repair of all types of marine electronic equipment, both passive and active in nature, providing for the restoration of function.


EXTERIOR CLEANING: Dry steam, with or without the mixing of biodegradable detergents specifically, the exterior of the vessel or tubular inflatable boats, moored directly and without spills at sea.

SANITATION SANITATION AND ACCOMMODATION: Dry steam, with or without the mixing of specific detergents biodegradable, all components of the interiors and cabins, including the upholstery, in addition to sanitize all environments, including coated floors, carpet, kitchen, bathrooms , bedrooms, mattresses, pillows, sofas etc ... With our system of simultaneous aspiration provision of steam, mixed with the medical surgical, you get a double benefit: cleaning the treated surfaces and the elimination of the bacteria from them.

BILGE CLEANING: Wash thoroughly, steam with simultaneous aspiration, bilges directly mooring. With our machines you can offer this service without the worry of any spills at sea and it is possible, simultaneously, sanitize them with specific products.

WHITENING: Washing and bleaching of all the external parts of boats and rafts, including the decking (thousand lines, teak or other), with the use of special detergents mixed with steam. Polishing and removal of rust from all steel parts, in addition to the restoration of all parties oxidized.

WASHING AND MOLD REMOVAL FROM TUBES AND CUSHIONS: Cleaning and stain removal of mold, both of the tubes of the rafts, that the cushions of the boats in general, with the use of specific products mixed with steam.

boat rental

The boat rental service is carried out during the summer season in the period from the beginning of June until the end of September. Such vessels may be used only for pleasure. We invite you to contact us by phone or using the form for information and reservations. Definitely a very important service for those who want to visit the coasts of the Egadi Islands and our itineraries to discover one of the most beautiful scenery and fascinating of Sicily and the world.

sale of spare parts and accessories

service of divers

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