mooring area

The Marina is equipped with a quay, a pier and 2 floating docks; therefore is able to provide places for a total of 100 boats, divided into categories from 8 to 40 meters.

supply water and electricity

The supply of water and electricity is assured with the provision of fittings for connection to the water mains and plugs and extension cords for connection to the mains

toilet and showers

Toilet and showers are available with a cleaning service constant, so as to ensure maximum hygiene and comfort


The Marina is open all year round, and the security service of the boats shall implement and allows the custody discreet and effective through the continued vigilance of boats over 24 hours

mooring assistance

At the Marina is always available an efficient mooring assistance.
The coordination of service with the collaborative activities of the crew can be effectively assured by the radio link, on VHF channel 69, through portable


The whole area of the Marina is covered by a wireless network that gives you instant access to the internet

pleasure / seating area

At the Marina, to ensure a pleasant stay, you can take advantage of the eating area to enjoy a happyhour, cool drink or coffee. You can also relax, and sit comfortably on the couches in the shade of the gazebo

other services

Catering service on board
Refilling scuba cylinders
Laundry service
Taxi service

all buildings and all paths, including piers and floating bridges, are possible in accordance with the regulations on removal of architectural barriers.


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