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by boat > 1.5 km away from the port of Trapani on the left side going up the dock by airplane > 19 km from VINCENZO FLORIO Trapani-Birgi > 70 km from the Falcone Borsellino airport of Palermo by car > A29 Palermo-Mazara del Vallo Mazara direction, exit Trapani

In the center of Trapani , in front of the
the historic city.
Thanks to its strategic location,
Trapani embraces landscapes and
etereogenee reality,
the silence of saline , the enchantment of Erice ,
the Egadi islands at a short distance,
the charm of an archipelago envy of the world,
the history and art of many cities.




historic center

Trapani juts out into the Mediterranean with its sickle-shaped at its extreme tip stands the Tower of Ligny. Among the most important monuments, Cavarretta Palace, Palazzo Riccio of St. Joachim, the Church and the College of the Jesuits, the Cathedral of San Lorenzo (in which is stored a Crucifixion attributed to the Flemish painter Van Dyck) and the Church of Purgatory, where they kept the winds Groups of Sacred Mysteries of Trapani. Features are the salt pans of Trapani who originated the "Salt Road" with its many mills, heaps of salt covered with terracotta tiles and the Salt Museum.


archaeological area37,5 km FROM TRAPANI  

Segesta is an important and impressive archaeological site, located on Mount Barbaro in the territory of Calatafimi, inland Trapani. Recent excavations have allowed us to reconstruct the history and the evolution of the various forms of the city, from the first settlement prehistoric Elymas the city, from the town strongly Hellenized of age classical to the Hellenistic-Roman, to the recaptures medieval. Therefore, beyond the most famous monuments, consisting of the greek temple in Doric style and Greco-Roman Theatre, today there are also the remains of a castle, a mosque, a church founded in 1442 and many other testimonies of past civilizations.


medieval center15 km FROM TRAPANI  

On the summit of Monte San Giuliano, in a wonderful location overview of Trapani, in the silence between the clouds, laying Erice. The city is surrounded by cyclopean walls of plant Elymian (VII sec.aC) whose vertices lie on the Spanish Quarter, the Norman Castle and the Duomo or Matrix (1314), which preserves the original fourteenth-century Gothic style, with the bell tower and its delicate windows. The old town has a typical medieval urban layout with squares, narrow and winding streets containing flowery courts.

Isole Egadi

resort area10,8 NM FROM TRAPANI 

The Egadi Islands are an archipelago three islands and two islets, located approximately 10.8 NM from the west coast of Sicily, between Marsala and Trapani. They are set in the beautiful waters crystal clear and home to a rich and diverse flora and fauna. A popular destination for lovers of snorkeling, diving and sailing. In order to preserve the natural beauty of the archipelago, recently established Marine Protected Area (MPA) Egadi Islands, the largest marine reserve in Europe.


wine-houses30 km FROM TRAPANI  

The city's name is attributed to the Arabs who landed in Mazara del Vallo June 17 dell'827, wanting to create a head of bridge for the conquest of the island they went out in the most close to Mazara and called Mars-Allah: "Port of Allah", by which came the current name of the city. Famous for landing Garibaldi and the Thousand 11 May 1860, and for the production Marsala wine, for which, since 1987, the City of Wine. Also famous for its beautiful salt pans. Among the most famous the Saline Ettore Enfersa and the Lagoon.


nature reserve27,0 NM FROM TRAPANI  

Between San Vito lo Capo and Castellammare del Golfo the hilly slopes sloping down to the sea herald the beginning of the reserve Gypsy, a natural paradise miraculously intact in its incomparable beauty. Small paths appropriately designed on the cliffs, which finscono in the sea or climb the mountains, let to cross one of the most spectacular in the Mediterranean. The path is a continuous succession of cliffs along the sea​​, rugged cliffs, magnificent coves, golden beaches, caves and underwater tunnels, narrow valleys that are reflected in a sea pristine, iridescent shades, always clear.


tourist area39 km FROM TRAPANI  

Castellammare del Golfo was founded as a trading city of Segesta. They were the Arabs that connoted the center - renamed Al Madarig or "steps" - as a stronghold with the construction of the fort and as a pole of great commercial importance, with the establishment of the trap and charger. In the Aragonese period the town was baronial land owned by Frederick of Antioch and became a major commercial hub of the grain bound for export. Castellammare Today, thanks to a priceless heritage, consisting of the extraordinary natural beauty of its coastline and its immediate hinterland, has established itself as important tourist attraction.


resort area86,5 NM FROM TRAPANI  

The volcanic "black pearl", Pantelleria, is situated in the middle of the Mediterranean between Tunisia, which is only about forty kilometers, and Sicily, about 150 km away. Despite its rather isolated location, it is still easily accessible also thanks to the airport. The island is very beautiful and characteristic, black color because of volcanic origin, splash of green the typical Mediterranean vegetation and surrounded by a sea populated by fantastic blue fish and flora. The depths are considered a paradise by divers diving. Numerous caves.

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